General Medical Care

At South Mesa, we recommend physical examinations at least once a year. Dogs and cats age much quicker than humans. (six to seven years for every calendar year on average) Early detection and treatment of potential problems usually results in a much better outcome. Our veterinarians will perform a complete physical examination and discuss the results with you. If a problem is identified, various treatment options will be discussed thoroughly. Our staff veterinarians are qualified to handle almost all medical situations. However, certain chronic or more complicated cases may require a board certified specialist. We have an excellent network of veterinary internal medicine specialists for referral, whose skills have been recognized and certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. They are able to accommodate emergency referrals as well as provide consultation for more complicated cases.

Vaccination protocols have recently changed. At South Mesa, we have instituted a vaccination protocol based on individual patient needs. Vaccinations are administered based on risk. For example, a patient that is highly active in the outdoors, travels often and enjoys doggie daycare will have a different vaccine schedule than a patient who never travels and only stays in a fenced backyard. Our veterinarians are happy to discuss your pets individual needs.