Come-Play-Stay! Training and Behavior

At Come-Play-Stay! we feel that dog training is the key to promoting and creating healthy and happy relationships between dogs and their humans. Our goal is to offer the very best reward-based training classes available and understand that classes are only as good as the instructors that teach them! We have compiled a training team of highly skilled and credentialed instructors. Each of our instructors participates in on-going education in order to ensure that we are offering the newest and most effective training techniques available today.

We have made a commitment to ethical and effective dog training.

We have a passion for teaching what we call the “operant” dog. If you have any questions please email us.

  • What is “ethical” dog training? 
    We define ethical dog training as methods that do not make use of pain, fear, intimidation, or dominance theory. The main means of motivation used in our training classes is positive reinforcement which means that your dog receives something she wants (treat, toy, praise) when she does something you want. The only punishment or “correction” used is the removal of the stuff your dog likes (food, toys, social interaction) when she does something you don’t want.
  • How effective is ethical dog training?
    In a word, extremely! When properly executed our ethical training methods produce a dog that is ready and willing to obey because he wants to, not because he is afraid not to. Dogs trained in this manner make lovely companions, as they listen to commands and choose not to engage in unwanted behavior. “Positive, not permissive” is a good description of what we teach at Come-Play-Stay!
  • What does “operant” mean? 
    The term operant describes an animal that understands her behavior has consequences. We like to allow dogs to make choices, so that we can then follow up those choices with either a reward, or a lack of reward. Through this process what is achieved is a dog that is never afraid to make a choice or try something new, and a dog that chooses not to engage in behavior that has not been rewarded in the past. This makes for a dog that understands how to interact with people and their environment without you having to constantly nag them to do what you want.
  • Recommended Equipment: 
    These pieces of equipment are not required but are recommended; front-clip harnesses (Sense-Ation brand), headcollars (Gentle Leader brand), flat buckle collars/quick-release collars, and martingale or limited slip collars.
  • Prohibited Equipment: 
    Because of our commitment to ethics in dog training, we ask that all students refrain from the use of the following punitive equipment; choke collars (of any material, chain, leather, nylon, you name it), prong/pinch collars (of any size, material, or design), and electronic collars (remote or bark).