Come-Play-Stay! Daycare Information

It is our mission to offer state-of-the-art daycare where dogs are provided with a safe, stimulating, and healthy environment to improve their well-being through socialization, enrichment and play. Please review the following information to learn more about our exciting program. Feel free to call with any questions. We look forward to welcoming you and your dog into our daycare family!

Daycare Overview

We pride ourselves on our outstanding safety record, transparency with clients and our positive, reward-based training philosophies. Our goal is to have your dog walk in the door excited to be here and go home tired, happy, injury-free, and better behaved than when they came in. We have a large indoor facility with non-slip flooring in addition to spacious outdoor play areas that your dog will have full access to, weather permitting. We have secure 8ft fencing surrounding the perimeter.

In order to provide the highest quality of care for your canine companion, our program was designed by a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Consultant. Our entire staff is trained in canine body language, positive reinforcement training, and gentle handling techniques.

We strictly maintain a ratio of 1 staff member to 15 dogs, and our staff remains in the room with the dogs at all times to fully supervise group play and intervene immediately if needed. We have veterinarians available at all times during daycare hours should your dog need medical assistance while in our care. In order to maintain our high standards of care, we require temperament tests for all new dogs, a 1 day a week minimum commitment and only offer full days of daycare.

A Day in the Life

  • 7:00-9:30am: Dogs arrive and go into nap dens, which are quiet and comfortable kennels that give dogs relaxing privacy before playtime.
  • 9:30am-1:00pm: Dogs start their day in groups according to size. They romp, run, tackle, and chase until 1:00pm. 1:00-2:00pm: Dogs go back into nap dens for a mid-day snooze (and lunch if provided).
  • 2:00pm-5:00pm: Dogs are let out to rejoin their groups. Romping, running, tackling, and chasing commences. They play until 5:00pm when they go back into their nap dens until they are picked up.
  • 4:00-6:30pm: Dogs are picked up for the evening.

Getting Started

All materials must be submitted and current BEFORE scheduling a Temperament Test

  • Fill out an application and provide current vaccination records and proof of annual fecal test
  • Schedule a Temperament Test ($20 fee)
    A Temperament Test is a 30 minute evaluation with you and your dog with our daycare manager prior to starting daycare. This gives our staff a “heads up” on any behavior issues your dog may have prior to starting daycare. *All materials must be submitted and current BEFORE scheduling a Temperament Test!
  • Schedule a Play Skills Day (No charge)
    The Play Skills Day is your dog’s first full day of daycare that will serve as a slow introduction to our staff, the facility, and other dogs. This allows our staff to see if your dog will enjoy the daycare environment.