Come-Play-Stay! Boarding Requirements

Boarding charges are based on the following:

  • You are charged for the day you drop off your pet(s), regardless of the time of day they arrive.
  • Pets picked up before 11 AM are not charged for the day they leave.
  • As a courtesy and convenience to our clients, we offer 5-7PM pick-ups on Sundays. Please note – Pets picked up on Sunday evening ARE charged for Sunday.
  • Pets professionally groomed on their last day of boarding will not be charged for that day of boarding. Please call to schedule your pet’s appointment ahead of time.
  • Pets staying longer than 14 days will be given a 15% discount on boarding fees (does not include additional services).

Vaccine Requirements

Owner must provide proof that their animal has been recently vaccinated by a veterinarian for the following vaccines:

  • Dogs:  1 or 3 year distemper/parvovirus; 1 or 3 year rabies; and 1 year bordetella
  • Puppies: Must be 8 weeks and older, have been in the home for a minimum of 10 days, have at least one distemper/parvovirus vaccine 7 days prior to boarding, have a bordetella vaccine 7 days prior to boarding and have a negative fecal test and a negative parvo snap test prior to boarding drop off.
  • Cats: 1 or 3 year distemper/upper respiratory combination; and 1 or 3 year rabies

Special Needs and Senior Pets

All pet’s over the age of 10, or those with medical conditions MUST be pre-approved for boarding.  We recommend that you make plans for your special needs/senior pets minimally two weeks prior to your dates of travel so that we can screen them accordingly to make sure that we can accommodate your boarding needs.  Please contact us directly to start the screening process for your pet.


We will gladly feed your pet their own diet (if provided) for no charge.  We can also provide our food (Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat for dogs; Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy for cats) at no charge.  If your pet has food allergies/sensitivities, please provide an alternative type of food (i.e. canned food) in case your pet won’t eat their regular food.


We will gladly administer medications to your pet.  Administration of up to 2 medications is included in our base boarding price. Effective July 1, 2014: Additional medications will have an extra fee. Please contact us directly for prices. Medications MUST be in original packaging/bottle with correct dosage, per the Colorado Department of Agriculture regulations.  Ziploc bags, pillboxes, pre-filled Pill Pockets, or medications mixed in with food WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Medications that are not in original packaging can be refilled by our veterinarian at full price.

Pet Belongings

We provide comfortable bedding for the pets in our care free of charge.  However, you are welcome to bring your pets’ own supplies.  Please refer to the following guidelines when packing for your pet:

  • Bedding must be fully washable in case it gets soiled (no beds larger than what will fit in a standard washing machine)
  • Toys must be larger than 4”x4” – we do not allow pig ears or hoofs
  • Food must be in a sealable, water-proof container. We do not accept large bags of food, paper or grocery bags. Ziploc bags, Tupperware and Rubbermaid bins are good options to keep food fresh and dry.
  • Medications must be in the original, labeled bottle or packaging with correct dosage.
  • If your pet does not eat the food that you provide, we will attempt to get them to eat one of our products. If you think your pet might not eat and you do not want them eat our products, please provide a backup (i.e. canned food, etc).