Come-Play-Stay! Boarding Checklist

  • Reservations
  • Verify that all necessary vaccinations are up to date (Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella) – vaccinations may be updated while boarding. Have copies of veterinary proof of updated vaccinations if not a South Mesa client.
  • Communicate any health, medical or behavioral concerns with your pet prior to dropping off to board. Certain medical conditions may require a pre-boarding exam and may require your pet to board in special needs – give us the heads up so we can provide appropriate care.
  • Pack dog food in sealable water proof containers (No paper bags of food please!)
  • All medications must come in the original prescription bottle with veterinary label and instructions. Label needs to provide accurate dosing instructions.
  • Pack dog bed (optional–we have blankies!). Bed must be washable and fit into a standard machine. Remember that beds may be destroyed by your pet while boarding.
  • Pack personal affects: toys, treats, etc. Toys may be destroyed while boarding…. Avoid bringing toys with sentimental value if it will be a problem if they don’t return home.

Complete an online check in sheet OR pre-print your paperwork and complete prior to drop-off to save time.

  • Please call if you have questions 970-226-6526 x 6.
  • Please provide a contact number(s) for you, or an authorized decision maker, while your pet is in our care.