Client Testimonials

I took my 10 year old Lab mix dog to South Mesa Vet Hospital for an evaluation of a lump on her front elbow, where she was seen by Dr. Foster. Dr. Foster was VERY compassionate and gentle with Zoe, and got down on the floor with Zoe to do her examination. After doing an aspiration of cells from the lump, and examining under a microscope, she compassionately delivered the news that it looked like a cancer. (which was later confirmed by further microscopic evaluation). She then offered me various options of treatment. Given my dog’s age and arthritis, “quality of life”, as well as cost containment, I wanted palliative care – comfort care, rather than aggressive treatment. Dr. Foster did not try to pressure me into treatment (which I have experienced with a different vet and an aged pet in the past). Dr. Foster was kindly supportive of my decision, and is there to provide palliative care options as Zoe’s disease progresses. Thank you, Dr. Foster, for your compassionate care of Zoe and her family!

~ Martha B. G.

The staff at this facility is second to none. Whether it’s in person or over the phone the staff is outstanding in their field. I drive from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins so that my dogs can receive the level of care and professionalism that is provided at the South Mesa Veterinarian Hospital.

~ Vickie S.

Dr. Foster and all of the doctors at South mesa are amazing! I’ve been taking my cats there for almost 5 years and I always feel comfortable when we go in. It’s also really convenient to have a boarding facility on site, I love knowing that I’m leaving my cats with someone who knows their history and will love them!

~ Matt W.

I visited several vets in town before I found South Mesa and none of them took care of my pets like these folks. They’re not pushy, they love my cats and I wouldn’t take Luke or Mia anywhere else!

~ Bailey N.

We see Dr Plaza an love her. Our beloved collie had lymphoma, Dr Plaza helped us keep her comfortable. We choose conservative treatment until she no longer. We also own a 20 yr old cat. Dr Plaza’s has given us  great advice to maintain her quality of life. We have had visits with some of the other Veterinarians they have shown great care, an gave us wonderful advice too. We also use Come Play Stay for training & grooming.

~ B.R.

Best Place Ever
I have taken my dogs to many hospitals in Fort Collins in the past. South Mesa is the best by far! The front staff was nice and the place was clean. I have a mini poodle and Havanese. The doctor put them at ease from the first visit when he sat down right on the floor with them. They even jumped in his lap. He treated me with professionalism and my dogs with a respectful, loving touch. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.
~ Ellen S.

Awesome Place!
We got our first puppy back in December and the people we got her from recommended South Mesa. I was amazed at how friendly the service is and how wonderful the vets are. Our pup goes to see Dr. Plaza who is always very excited and recognizes our dog each time we are there. After the first vet visits we started taking our dog to Come-Play-Stay (the doggy daycare facility there) and they are absolutely wonderful there. Not only are they friendly, but it’s nice to have our vet right there in case anything goes wrong. I trust the people there and they just love our dog. I highly recommend South Mesa (any of their services) to anyone looking for a vet. They are fantastic and extremely friendly! I’ve never met a dog that’s excited to go to the vet, but ours is!
~ Emily N.

We love our pets, and when we’re worried about their health, this is where we bring them. Highly competent and caring, never rushed, great follow-up, well-connected to CSU and all the latest advances in veterinary medicine.
~ Dick G.

This vet’s office offers reasonable prices for repeat vistors (puppies in particular) as well as reasonable rates on obedience classes, vaccinations and check ups. Their staff is first rate and I wouldn’t think about taking my dog anywhere else! After taking him to several other vets in town I’ve learned my lesson. From now on my pets are going to south mesa only!
~ Eric J.

South Mesa is a great clinic. We are new to town and found them right away. The facility is clean and staff is friendly. They seem to really care. We have seen a couple of the doctors and both were great. We have even called a couple of times on short notice and got right in. The boarding facility is also great. The dogs are treated very well by the staff, they seem to watch them closely while boarding. I would highly recommend them to everyone.
~ Anonymous

Dr Foster at South Mesa is bar none the best vererinarian I have ever encountered. The negative review appears to have been written by someone who has some personal trouble and should be disregarded. The care from the staff, the doctors and the admins at South Mesa are simply superb.
~ Anonymous

Love them — very nice and helpful! I have several dogs and they were wonderful doing the AI and throughout my dog’s pregnancy!!
~ Anonymous

I absolutely love South Mesa for their veterinary services, training classes, and day care. I have been dissatisfied with every other vet clinic and day care I have tried with my dog, but South Mesa is the best!

The woman vet I saw was great! I wish I remembered her name. No experience with any of the other vets. The vet I saw took time with me, really listened and seemed to care about my animal. She knew how to handle animals and was very compassionate.
~ Anonymous

I have two dogs and two cats, the dogs have serious allergies and i tried a couple different vets intown and they didn’t solve the problem. I took them to south mesa and the problem was solved real quick. It is really clean and sanitary and the vets are super friendly. I highly recommend this vet.
~ Scott