Day Boarding Check In Form

Filling out this form does not create a reservation.
Reservations must be made via phone at 970-226-6526.


Town and Country $20 per day per dog
Indoor/Outdoor kennels—suitable for small to giant breed dogs
Base boarding fee includes access to outdoor covered patio
Big City Suites $34.50/suite
Indoor only—suitable for SMALL BREED dogs only; combined weight of 40lb
Base boarding fee includes potty walks and complimentary treat
Select Complimentary Treat: Canned FoodPeanut ButterNone

Additional Amenities

Treat Time Kong toy filled with: Canned FoodPeanut Butter $1 per day
Romp 'n Run Playtime 15-20 minutes of supervised play in our spacious fenced, grassy yards
Please choose: IndividualGroup with similar-sized dogs
$6.50 per play time
Let's Play Fetch 15 minutes of 1 on 1 fetch with an attendant;Includes ball, requires consent form $8.50 per day
Nail Trim $17.50
Extra TLC 1 on 1 quality time with a staff member $3.50/day

Feeding Instructions

Our Food
      our Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat OR
Owner Food
Feeding Time: OnceTwice

Medication Instructions*


*Additional medications, 3x/day medications, or special procedures will incur an extra fee


Reasonable precautions will be taken against communicable disease, illness, injury, escape, or death of this pet. South Mesa Veterinary Hospital/Come-Play-Stay and staff will not be held liable for problems that might develop provided reasonable care and precautions are followed. I agree that any medical problem that develops with my pet will be treated as necessary in accordance with routine procedures and I assume full financial responsibility for all such treatments. A South Mesa Veterinarian will make every attempt to contact me in the event that my pet needs medical attention. As required by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, PACFA Regulations, Description 16.00 G. 3., in the event of death, the facility will provide interim body care (cold storage at South Mesa Veterinary Hospital) until the owner is reached and final plans are made. I assume full financial responsibility for all medical treatment my pet needs, even if I cannot be contacted. South Mesa Veterinary Hospital/Come-Play-Stay is not liable for the loss, damage or destruction of personal belongings.

I understand that I will be charged for a full day of boarding on the day of drop-off and pick-up, unless I pick my pet up before 11:00 am Monday-Saturday, and I will always be charged for a full day of boarding on Sunday. I agree to pay in full with cash or credit card (we do not accept checks) at the time of pick up.

By signing, you agree to above release.

Release for Pets Less than 6 Months of Age

I understand that, due to the young age of my pet, it may be more susceptible to disease as its immune system has not been completely developed.

Need more information? View our Boarding Requirements and Boarding Checklist.