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Specialty Training

We are always working to create innovative, useful classes for people and their dogs at Come-Play-Stay!


5 weeks $120.00
Bring a fresh approach to training your conformation dog! Learn how to achieve reliable ring behaviors, a confident showy dog and a self-assured, competitive handler.

Reliable Recall

6 weeks $150.00 – Includes mandatory Intro Lecture
An innovative class that builds and develops a brilliant recall through games, play and relationship building – This is a must have class to aim toward off-leash adventures with your dogs!

Growl Class

6 weeks $180.00
Do you have a dog that barks and lunges at other dogs or people? Are you tired of the stress and embarrassment? Turn your world, and your walks around with this innovative class, taught by a Certified Behavior Consultant, that works to solve your dog’s reactivity issue.  (Participants must be pre-screened by instructor before registration.)


5 weeks $130.00
Are you seeking a fun and innovative way to improve your dog’s training and focus while improving your relationship in a fun and rewarding way? Then Tricks-n-Games is for you and you and your dog! You’ll be surprised by the amazing things your dog will learn… We’re talking Hollywood baby! (Participants must be Smart Dog One Graduates, or have instructor approval.)

Please call us 970-226-6526 ext 6 to register for classes.