Come-Play-Stay! Grooming

Regular grooming is an important component of any dog’s health and welfare!  Professional grooming helps to remove flakes of skin, dirt and debris from the coat, removes shedding hairs and helps to stimulate skin glands to condition the dog’s coat. Not only will your dog look better but they will feel better!

Our professional groomers offer a 12-point Grooming System

  1. Brush and comb-out
  2. Check for fleas and ticks
  3. Nails ground and filed
  4. Ears plucked and cleaned
  5. Feet trimmed and clipped
  6. Warm bath with 1st shampoo to clean
  1. Rinse and 2nd bath to condition
  2. Anal glands expressed
  3. Blow dry and fluff up
  4. Check for any skin or teeth problems
  5. Hair clipping to breed standard
  6. Final brush and fresh cologne applied.

All dogs require grooming but some require more than others.  How often your pet needs to visit a professional groomer depends, in part, upon how much dog grooming you do at home.

Please call 970-226-6526 ext. 3 to discuss your pet’s specific grooming requirements!